Icmekan Led Aydinlatma Son
Silicone Chandelier Led Profile

• Runs with 12 volts. There is no risk of electrocuting.

• Complete stand-alone piece production with 12 volt supply. PIXEL applications included.

• It doesnt rust because the screw is not used in montage. It is easily mounted even on sheathing.

• Non-flammable, does not catch fire, does not radiate, does not heat and crack.

• Resistant to chemicals like acids and bases, oil, thinner, bleach, and so on..

• Uniform color feature (LED dots not visible). Colors (Blue, Red, Green, Daylight, Amber)

• Dimmable (Light level can be increased, reduced)

• In water (100% performance in sea, pool and ponds). Does not get seaweed.

• Not affected by climate conditions. It runs smoothly in -30 ‘C. Instant endurance is +300’ C

• Upon request, we are making production with corporate brand, logo and so on.

• It does not burst during camera and photo shooting. It doesn't hurt the eyes.

• Pasted with neutral silicone. It can be easily installed by the customer without the need for additional labor.

• Can be easily cleaned by detergent, cleaning materials etc.


• Length for 14 KZ and 14 D models are maximum 5 meters.

• For other models can be produced for desired length and stand-alone pieces

• Chip brand: EPISTAR

• Ribbon LED brand: HI-TECH

• Light source: 2835 SMD LED

• Light amount: 12 Lumens / pieces

• Power consumption: 9,6 W/m

• Led amount: 120 pieces/m

• Running voltage: 12 V – DC

• Protection class: IP68

• Maximum feeding length: Can be produced for desired length and stand-alone pieces

• Angle of light filtration: 180’

• Temperature limits: -30’C / 60’C

• Resistance for sudden heat: +300’C

• Product body: Silicone

• Product hatch: Silicone

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