Shutterstock 757385605 Nargile Boyut
Silicone Hookah Hoses

The Silcap Hose is the proven superiority of silicone hookah hoses. These hoses are extremely durable, 100% washable and even have a wide range of color combinations to match the set up of virtually any hookah. The wide gauge of the silicone tubing creates a smooth inhale experience with virtually no drag or resistance.

This will give your customers bigger clouds with minimal effort. With all those monster clouds of flavor, you are going to appreciate it's washable components. Simply run warm water through the hose and handle to eliminate any lingering flavors. You may even try a mild soap and water solution or lemon juice if you have put off cleaning for a while. Luckily this hose will bounce back to 100% freshness, so the next bowl will be just as pure as the first!

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